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At Caron Miller, we've committed ourselves to a list of values we adhere to daily:

Empowerment is the core of Caron Miller's passion to support all women in being the best they can be! Our company is about much more than the creation of the products we design. At Caron Miller, we are dedicated to providing tools which empower individuals to feel good about themselves and their surroundings.  With our wearable art women can openly express themselves and we can help them achieve their personal best -- or as Caron would describe it, to be beautimous!

Creativity is a word we use often, not only to describe the inspiration of Caron Miller's designs, but the creativity her designs inspire in our customers. Her wearable art and fashionable accessories are ways to express individual creativity, and in turn be our truest selves. We strive to develop products for every style and size, because everyone should have the ability to express themselves!

Quality products are created with a careful eye and a diligent hand to express our dedication to providing our best. Our products are hand crafted domestically to ensure we will deliver you the finest quality goods.  We believe in supporting local business and USA Made products.

Service that is superior and exceeds our customer's expectations drives our business, because without them, little else matters. We strive to uphold prosperous and growing relationships with all of our wholesale customers and to continually offer them great products and service.

People are our most important asset; from the creativity they bring to Caron Miller's designs, to the quality they ensure in our final products, to the service they provide our customers. Our company's potential has no limits and relies on the imagination and dedication of our team members. We are committed to maintaining a challenging, rewarding and fun work environment where contributions and creativity are recognized and rewarded.

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