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About Caron Miller

"Go with what you’ve got and show it off."  Caron's accessories are designed to embellish your basics (big, small – bodacious, or itty bitty). "Wearable art" is the way she describes all this craziness. "It's like painting with fabric."  Traveling is a huge passion for Caron, and she designs her wearables with travel, fashion, and function in mind. 

Caron was born in Canada and started designing at an early age. Recognizing her innate talent for fashion and the visual arts, her father bought her first Singer sewing machine as a birthday present at the age of ten. But instead of going to FITNY (Fashion Institute of Technology New York) as he had hoped, Caron chose a less traditional path. She had to find success in her own way. So she worked her way up through the skate and snowboard industry until she finally was ready to make a go of it on her own.

She peruses the LA fabric district and textile shows in search of inspiration. What colors look good? What fabrics make her think, "Ooh, yummy!" and just beg her to come over and rub them? What bolts of fabric beckon her; to make them into something bigger? Every fabric has its own story (sometimes even their own names!) in Caron's world.

Traveling back up Highway 1 to her Santa Barbara headquarters, she’s already begun to design in her mind's eye. What will become of the bolts in the backseat? What are these fabrics meant to be? And back home with her fabulous production team, they begin to fold, pin, and cut the fabrics into something that will make women feel their most "beautimous" (Caron’s vocabulary for fabulous, gorgeous, and divinely beautiful).

Bootise, her Chihuahua/Terrier canine mix is a key part of the business. She is head of Research and Development, VP of Marketing, Right Paw Puppy all in one (some may even say she's the brains behind this operation).

Other Caron Miller, Inc. facts:
Founded in 1994.  Incorporated in 2003.

No animal testing is conducted on the Caron Miller Collection.

Everything is made in Santa Barbara to receive Caron's personal 100% guarantee on workmanship.

Many of Caron's fabrics of choice are absorbed from the excess fabric remnant market, continuously creating one-of-a-kind unique creations with an environmental awareness!

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